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Do you know any professional jazz players that use an 8 string electric jazz guitar?

If so, who are these players and what guitars are they playing?

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I make 8-string sets for a number of players. Some brands are Oakland Axe Factory (I own one of their 10-strings) and also Halo,Schecter,Ibanes,ESP to name a few. Here is a video of Marshall Harrison on Schecter 26.5" scale 8-string:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Octave4Plus/142042399167449?sk=wall

I made the open A440 Hz .007 he plays in this video.

Most of these guitars are solid body. i hope this helps....

Charlie Hunter!   look him up.  Not all of his work is strictly jazz, but he has a distinctive approach to jazz material both solo and in ensembles. I'm particuarly fond of the band T.J. Kirk, where he is up front interpreting and inspired by music of Rahasan Rolland Kirk, Thelonious Monk and James Brown - often blended on the ice crush setting.

Robert Conti out of Las Vegas.  Bob is a REAL character originally from Philidelphia............jim

Michele Ramo


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